The service offered by this website is primarily meant to provide information about obtaining professional quality musicians to contribute to honoring the service of our Veterans from all of our military branches. I can be readily reached to aid in attaining that goal. If I myself am unable to provide the service due to other commitments, I will reach out to other musicians of equal or greater talent to fulfill the need. Funeral Directors should be requested to request a bugler as soon as possible to allow time to make the arrangements. All to often, I am called and asked to play Taps with less than 24 hours notice which sometimes makes it very difficult to accommodate.

Additional services that may be obtained but may require greater time are:

BagPiper or Multiple Pipers for larger ceremonies or parades.

Rifle Squad to render a salute and/or military people to fold and present the flag.


These services are generally available for military funerals, memorial services and patriotic ceremonies but on a lighter side, musical services such as the Full Count Big Band, of which I am a member, can be arranged for dancing or concerts.

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